What a shark

Oil, Oil, Oil, that is all you hear on the news lately. Luckily Galveston and the bay and offshore are all oil free. The current is pushing the oil away from the Texas coast so fishing is great. Weather you are fishing the bay, surf or offshore the fish are here and free of oil. Also the shrimp boats are bringing in record size catches of some of the best shrimp in the world so bait or table shrimp are readily available. If you were planning a trip to somewhere south but they are having an oil problem remember Texas is the place to be this summer and Galveston is the best summer spot in Texas.

Beautiful day at Sea

Last Saturday was supposed to be sunny and in the 70s but the wind picked up and the seas got rough. At the jetties the tide was going out and the waves got up to 4 to 6 foot. I was reeling in a rod to check the bait and a 26 pound Black drum hit the bait and it was on. I tried to give the rod to Alex but he was chumming. It took about 15 minutes to get it in the boat. Captain Rick used a scale to grab it by the lip so I could unhook it.
After that it started looking dark north of us so we headed back to the yacht basin, traded the big rods for trout rods and started catching sand trout. I even caught some on the fly rod. Of course it was raining the whole time but we caught about 60 trout. We kept 30 or more for dinner and then headed home.